Monday, May 16, 2011

Drunk guy + Baby + Bird rescue = Moldova adventures

Restaurants serve food with a box of matches.

Market in Chadir-Lunga. Women from small towns sell fresh as well as canned goods to the city folk.

There are tons of great textures to  be photographed around here.
Traveling with a sister who also has a blog means that sometimes I can let her do the work ;) Marianna posted some videos of our adventures over the last week HERE. 

The drunk guy was NOT fun (regardless of what Marianna said), considering the ride was about THREE HOURS long and he didn't only sway but also fell a couple  of times. 

We left our home town and are now in the capital. Kishinev, is a beautiful ancient city with stone paved streets, white stone buildings, and the most parks for its area in Europe.  Old streets of Kishinev are especially darling. The emerald, sun drenched trees along with the brilliantly white  buildings make me want to have afternoon tea and paint in watercolors.  We arrived yesterday and  I was selfish  enjoyed it so much; that I didn't even take the camera out of my bag.  Hope this builds up  your anticipation, because I can't wait to take thousands of pictures today!

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olga.mklnko said...

thanks for the texture ;)

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