Wednesday, May 11, 2011

First impressions.

As we were just past 24 hours of traveling to get to Moldova, I started to doubt whether the airport-takeoff-land-airport-customs-takeoff... (you get the idea) was worth it. But let me tell you, IT IS.

The first two days have been  a whirlwind of strangers recognizing me on the street, food, family, and random memories I didn't know I had coming back.  This has been a bit overwhelming and therefore hard to put into words, so instead here are some photos. 

Some amazing craftsmanship is to be found here. This is a pipe coming down from the gutters at my old house.

I love finding random Soviet designed items.  This one I want to take home.

Spring is in full effect.

Photo by The Scarlet Compass
Being patriotic.

This facial expression has not left her face since we landed.

Who knew pigeons have orange eyes?!
PS-A bird lives on today because of my fearless and heroic act of salvation.  More details to come.

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Tina said...

Oh, I like your haircut!!

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