Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rainbows and butterflies

I was humming a song called "Yellow" by Coldplay when I had an idea! Why not do a series blog posts about colors?! We generally  don't think about colors or light very much and take it as a given.  Just try for a moment try to imagine a world without color...  It would be like food without flavor.   God must have created it to make life a better experience.

Have you thought about the different meanings that certain colors have? For example; black is usually associated with mourning and blue is peaceful.  I wonder, how is it that we associate not only certain moods with colors, but also flavors and create entire personalities for the hues. 

The science of color is so complicated that I can't even begin to grasp the wikipedia definition, let alone understand it all in depth. However, I know that I can enjoy the beauty that the endless combinations of shade and hue create in the world around us.  So, take a moment with me to enjoy this gift. 

A color wheel by Jason Hotchkiss

Speaking of humming.  Watch this video at your own risk, its a sure one to get stuck in your head.

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