Monday, July 25, 2011

R&B: Yellow

Sunshine has been a rare commodity this summer.  Maybe that is why getting a couple of bright days has made me think of yellow.... 

This is generally considered a cheerful color.  Probably because it is associated with things which most humans enjoy;   such as the sun, gold, and bananas.   Like all other colors it has negative connotations as well, such as yellow journalism, or yellowing because of age. 

Discovered Steve McCurry; a phenomenal and iconic photographer.   His portraits are widely recognized around the world.  Much of his work has been shot in Afghanistan, such as the woman below. I have a feeling his name will be coming up many more times in future posts.

This portrait is just so full of joy! Just looking at it makes me smile. 
Anna, by John Ebersberger. 1990

I prefer yellow roses to all others, but found out that in  Victorian England they stood for jealousy and deceit.  Lucky for me, the meaning has changed to joy and friendship. 

Yellow by Coldplay.  Last month this song was stuck in my head for at least three days. 


Marianna Germanova said...

best song ever!!

Velkuv said...

I should have included the yellow submarine... forgot about that one!

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