Saturday, November 5, 2011

R&B: Red

Its finally my turn to get the flu.  I was hoping to avoid the whole experience this year...   I have a feeling there will be a lot of blogging this weekend...

There is so much to say with this one!  The cultural understanding of red is just so varied. In China it stands for happiness and good luck, Eastern Europe saw it as a color of the Revolution,  and later Communism.  In the US it is often associated with a warning, Santa Claus,  or Valentine's day.  

In art red often signifies  passion, power, and wealth. 

Napoleon, painted by Ingres.   This work was initially rejected by the art world and caused the artist much strife. However, this work remains a prime example of how powerful red can be in imagery. 
Napoleon on his imperial throne. 1806 M. Ingres. 

The Catholic church is known for their use of red.  This particular portrait of a cardinal is painted by arguably the father of portraiture as we know it, Anthony Van Dyck.   I love the lace this man is wearing! 

Cardinal Guido Bentivoglio, 1625. Anthony Van Dyck. 

Of course no color post of mine is complete with out The McCurry. 
Steve McCurry  India. 

One would expect roses in a still life like this, and I really like the tulips instead.
Sorry, source is unknown on this one. 
In case you are craving some red awesomeness...   Just click on the name of the item below, and the magic of the internet will make it possible.

1. Headband 
2. Bag
3. Red Riding Hood print
4. Mouse couple (aren't they just so cute?!)

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