Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hello there internet!

It is official. I have been defeated by a trend I have been stubbornly resisting.

Yes. I am blogging. Don't know what going to come out of this yet.  I, in no way claim to have opinions, experiences, or extraordinary skills that will blow you away.  However,  my wish is that we both learn something in the process.  Over the last couple of months I have come to the realization that I have missed writing for fun. So it is very likely that this blog will end up being a sort of a dumping ground for thoughts, ideas, and creativity,  which stay confined during my very corporate job. 

Here, you can expect musings over life, art, randomness, and of course my Lord.


Marianna Germanova said...

yay you!!! cant wait for more posts :)

Marina said...

Yes yes!! Please share ;)

Olga P said...

Congratulations my dear, on pushing past the pertinacity, and hanging nice wallpaper to frame the images and texts that, unbeknownst to all (well maybe some ;)), existed in perfect unison behind that green textured book, and now are free to roam the internet, or stay put as orderly as the frames that are so promising of tasty posts to come. :)

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