Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chairs? I guess so.

This started out as a post about my visit to Chicago, but as I was editing pictures to put up I realized something strange.  The photos from the Art Institute of Chicago had a disproportionate number of chairs.

I had never been interested in furniture design and construction before.  There was no special installation dedicated to furniture I just took pics of things I found interesting, and never expected to have more photos of chairs than skyscrapers.

Didn't really think of them as an art form until today...  If you look closely at the pics I posted you will see Rococo, Neoclassicism, Cubism, and other artistic movements reflected. I know that there is a whole movement of collectors, but have resisted the strong urge to Wikipedia chairs to keep this post ignorant my own.

Those of you waiting for Chicago pics-they are coming soon. I promise.

Chairs are like tiny little reflections of fashion and architecture in one... I have a strong feeling there will be more posts on this subject. Oh, I give into my geekiness so easily, its almost sad. 

A pair of musician's chairs, caught my eye because of their small size.

It took at least 6 elephants to make this one. Sad.

Notice the Egyptian influence on this one and the one below.

No copyright infringement intended the actual chairs are all a property of the Art Institute of Chicago, the photos belong to me.


Tina said...

)))))))I'm laughing)) remember that European lady))))

Velkuv said...

Oh yes! She started all this!

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