Saturday, December 17, 2011

Moon Boots vs Rompers

Let me start with saying that I am writing about this solely out necessity.  Some of the ladies I have seen lately leave me with no other option, but to rant on my blog  warn others of things to avoid.  These fads are nothing more than a way for the retailers to make money and something for you to regret 10 years from now. 
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1.  Moon Boots    $139.95 
Something needs to be said about these shoes. I saw them a few days ago while doing some Holiday shopping.  Not only are they much uglier than Uggs they are also extremely overpriced. Completely impractical as they cannot be worn in the snow or rain. Please avoid unless you are planning a trip to space.

2.  Cracked nail polish  $25.00
Nails are suppost to be neat and pretty, not resemble the mistake I made in an art class when I mixed oil paints with acrylic.  Although I think that if you are going for an evil witch look this would be completely appropriate.

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3. Rompers
This 90s comeback  should have remained in that decade forever.  Simply not flattering for anyone over the age of 12.  

4. Fuzzy boots worn on bare skin 
This one has been around for a few years now, and I keep waiting for it to go away. It annoyingly sticks around, along with Justin Bieber and horrendous reality TV.  First of all, if its cold enough to wear boots, you should probably put something on underneath them instead of creating a slow cooker environment for your feet.

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