Saturday, December 24, 2011

Nostalgic New Year

Soviet Union, being a communist state forbid its subjects to celebrate religious holidays, which of course includes  Christmas.  Propaganda worked  hard to transfer all the "feel good" associations from Christmas to New Years. Eventually that became the biggest holiday of the year.  A lot like Christmas in the Western world. 

My mom saved all of her greeting cards before we immigrated.  I remember sneaking into her room to go through the box of them because the pictures were so beautiful.  Here is a taste of what could be found it that box.  One has to admit that these are beautifully made.  The artwork behind these although is representative of its time, is stunning. 

I remember getting this one as a little girl and examining every detail of the card.  I think I could draw it form memory still today. 

This is one of the ones I remember being  Mom's box.  Eventually, I stole it  took it out and kept it for myself. 

Of course no Soviet Holiday could go without a at least some propaganda. 

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