Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Curing the travel bug

It has been a while.  I am back!   These last few months have made me really restless.  I haven't even left town in more than 5 months... In order to keep my sanity and force myself to stop working crazy hours,  I had no  choice but to travel. 

The travel bug in me is being taken care of by a transatlantic flight, a strange cold, and complete loss of my voice. When I speak, the sounds of a dying snake come out. 

At least the weather has been amazing!   I will tell you where I am and share more pics with all of you soon. 
The suitcase on the right has been with me since 2008.   I can't believe it looks it looks this good. 

PS Chose anything but Delta to fly over the ocean, also my disliking of the  Franfurt airport is as strong as ever.   I think it beats my feelings for Chicago O'Hare. 

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