Sunday, February 26, 2012

Airplane mode

It seems as though I am getting a little antsy lately. Seriously craving some international sights...

Travelling is exhilarating, but it can be stressful and tiring.  There are nuances that I thought might be useful to some of you out there looking for ideas.    Please watch out for a couple of additional posts on travel in the near future.  This one specifically focused on what to wear when flying.  I firmly believe that one can be comfortable and elegant at the same time.   What are your flying secrets? Let me know,  and I might include them in the next post.

Here are some basics:
-Shoes should be slip-ons, you don't want to be the one holding up the airport security line. Also, airports are not a  good place to break in that new pair of cute flats.  You want to be sure that you are comfortable.
-Avoid expensive or bulky jewelry.
-Don't wear a belt unless you have to, or are used to wearing one at all times.
-PLEASE don't wear sweat pants and Uggs (A.K.A Ugglies)
-Layers work really well because of the difference in climates you might encounter, or if that cranky man next to you adjusts his fan to blow on your face and falls asleep.
-Bring a scarf, you wont regret it.


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