Thursday, April 5, 2012

Soroca Fortress

This fortress was originally built by Moldova's most famous and admired leader, Stefan cel Mare in 1499.  His son Peter later it was rebuilt in stone, and successfully withstood the attacks of the Ottomans.  It was also used as a strategic location by the Russian tsar Peter the Great.  The most amazing thing is that all the walls are still intact.

Today its situated in the middle of a charming town sharing its name.  Besides the fortress Soroca is also known internationally for the drug trafficking kingpins who live there. You would not guess that judging by the peaceful and somewhat sleepy streets.  The only evidence of anything unusual than any other Moldovan town are the monstrous villas surrounded by nine foot fences.  I did not photograph any of those. 

Because its off season the fortress was closed. :( You can see the inside in this video.  I pretty much agree with  all of the observations made by this guy. 

There are hundreds which actually felt like hundreds of thousands of stairs that lead to the monument up top, which is actually a small chapel.  Its an amazing viewpoint to the area. 


 Looking up at the tower.

View from the top.  Ukraine on the right and Moldova on the left. It was a beautiful day!

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