Thursday, April 4, 2013

On cats, mice, and dresses.

I know, I know.... It has been months, no ages since my last post.

Life seems to have been moving at the speed of light lately.  One of the reasons I was going to blog in the first place was to help me reflect on the things happening around me.  

Well, its spring around here and it is absolutely beautiful this year.   Maybe I am just taking the time to notice it a little more, or maybe because it has stopped raining for more than just a few hours.

This winter the girls in the Velkuv family started a project centered around an interest my mom has had for a very long time and combined it with my obsession with Etsy and Pinterest.   As a result, Cat&Mouse Clothing Boutique was born. The shop is now stocked with about 20 items, and we had our first few sales!  I am thrilled to share these with the world.

So what's different here?  Why would anyone care about this?  We noticed that a lot of children's clothing is either really dressed up or very casual.  So here is a line of girl's dresses that are in between.  They are inspired by our own playful childhoods, quality, and European children's designs.

So here are a few of my personal favorites from the Cat&Mouse Children's Clothing Boutique.   I might share a few more as new items come up.    Also, isn't the model the most adorable little girl ever?!

Guys, thanks so much for reading, and I hope to post more soon.

Cherry dress 

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