Monday, March 7, 2011

Contemplating on The Black Sqare

My little sister  beat me to rambling about this to the internet. Today, for the closing of a conference at my church, there was a panel discussion with eight pastors, including AK and AP. One of the topics covered  is near and dear to my heart.  The role of art in the life of a Christian.  My freshman year in college, I majored in art. Although I let that go for something far more practical, I often wonder what my attitude toward all creative things should be. Until tonight I didn't have a clear answer.  This wonderful discussion not only cleared the fog in my mind, but also helped form new convictions.  The timing of this discussion is amazing.  Last night I got past my year-long artistic block... 

To avoid redundancy,  read more on this topic at The Scarlet Compass.

BONUS QUESTION: If art is a reflection of a society's state, what does your local museum's modern gallery say  about us?

This is a great excuse to post some art on my blog, here are some of my all time favorites. Please forgive me for the lack of connection between these. I might just do individual posts on one of them someday.
Michelangelo. Libyan Sybil, Sistine Ceiling. 1512

Winslow Homer. Snap the Whip. 1872

Elizabeth-Louise Vigee-Lebrun. Self-Portrait with Her Daughter, Julie. 1789.

If you attended the discussion, here's the painting that was mentioned by AP.
Черный квадрат, K. Малевич, 1915.


Marianna Germanova said...

Bonus question answer: While PAM has no Rembrandts or Van Goghs but a large collection of the most diverse works on this coast. So i presume it reflects the portland's spirit of diversity, contradiction and polarity.

Tonia said...

I love this quote:
"The beauty of abstract art is not in the artist's ability to paint or sculpt, but in the artist's ability to convince everyone that his creation is art."
But I do like the amish children!

Velkuv said...

Thanks for the answer Marianna! I would agree with you on that one. Tonia- I really like that quote as well, who said that? PS Those children are not Amish, they really looked like that back then...

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