Saturday, November 5, 2011

Oh, well.

I couldn't find a client file for an entire day on Tuesday.  For an hour I frantically searched every corner of my cubicle. So my mind immediately  started imagining all the terrible things that The Corporation could do to me.  You know, like firing me and stuff.  What would losing The Job be like? I could hang out with the Occupy Portland folks, they seem to be having a good time.  Oh I would definitely blog.   A lot.  Visit the unemployment office, and later have enough time to catch up with all the friends who forgot about my existence!  Maybe I would  even make a dent in that reading list from two years ago. 

Then I found the file. Oh, well.  

Todd Mecklem. Occupy Portland 2011


Tina said...

Hey, we didn't forget about you))))
But I do know what you saying....

Velkuv said...

Haha! Thanks for understanding! We should talk soon. I lost your number. Again.... :(((( can you email it to me?

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