Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Here you go internet!

One of the reasons for originally starting this blog was to share some of my doodles.  I have not done so.  For a number of reasons... fear being the biggest one.  My paintings and drawings are very amateur, and I know that.  They have also always stayed very personal.  Few family and friends have seen my work, let alone The Internet.  However; here I am. Posting them on my blog.   I am very open to suggestions or ideas on how to get better.

The following are scanned from my sketch book, no editing or photoshop.  Each took anywhere from an hour to two hours to complete. 

 Went through a huge dancer stage the last few years.  Its over,  I think, maybe. 


Blossoming Branches said...

And, I'm so glad you finally mustered up the courage to share them! You've definitely got the artistic ability. Can't wait to see more.

Velkuv said...

Thanks Love!

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