Sunday, January 15, 2012

Way past midnight thoughts

Its almost 2am, and I am wide awake.  By no choice of my own, but due of obstruction to my breathing abilities.  Oh the drama of the flu... So past 1am all of the craving for sleep just left me.   I have caught up on my blog reading, checked my email,  tried to read a book... 

So thankful right now for being generally healthy and getting this only once every few years!   
Found here, by Sheeyo
Of course, who can explain insomnia  better than Pushkin? 

Lines Written at Night During Insomnia 
A.S. Pushkin, translated by D. M. Thomas

I can't sleep; no light burns;
All round, darkness, irksome sleep.
Only the monotonous
Ticking of the clock,
The old wives chatter of fate,
Trembling of the sleeping night,
Mouse-like scurrying of life...
Why do you disturb me?
What do you mean tedious whispers?
Is it the day I have wasted
Reproaching me or murmuring?
What do you want from me?
Are you calling me or prophesying?
I want to understand you,
I seek a meaning in you...

In case you  are able to read the great poet's work in his  language.... 

Стихи, Сочененные ночью во время бессоницы 
A.С. Пушкин

Мне не спится, нет огня;
Всюду мрак и сон докучный.
Ход часов лишь однозвучный
Раздается близ меня,
Парки бабье лепетанье,
Спящей ночи трепетанье,
Жизни мышья беготня...
Что тревожишь ты меня?
Что ты значишь, скучный шепот?
Укоризна или ропот
Мной утраченного дня?
От меня чего ты хочешь?
Ты зовешь или пророчишь?
Я понять тебя хочу,
Смысла я в тебе ищу...

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